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  • The following settings are available in the "Expert Advisors" tab:
  • Special classes from the Standard library are used as signal, trailing and money management modules.
  • On the other hand, the Bid price is exactly the opposite:
  • Check maximum drawdown reported in the backtest report of the automated trading system; Check if the lot sizes are increasing.
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How can I backtest my Expert Advisor? To get the total number of trading weeks, the years are multiplied by 52 to get weeks of trading. There are various ways of spotting fake expert advisors. He may set his ESEA to closely monitor his trading balance.


Which means the roles have reversed and you will now use the Bid price to get the best possible price to sell your lots to someone else in the market. Equity Sentry EA can also be used to set trade goals.

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You will be forced to stop the trading and withdraw the remainder of the money. This is the modified code with an if-statement that also supports sell orders: Buy expert advisor forex At this stage, select the type of moving stop loss and take profit levels.

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There is likelihood buy expert advisor forex strategists are using martingale trading style to recover from losses. For it to be even possible, the trading account should be extremely big for it to be able to execute such trading positions.

A Custom Indicator is a technical indicator that you build yourself — like an Expert Advisor, but programmed for analysing the markets instead of monitoring and trading them.

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Avoid scalping strategies because they are very sensitive to Spread changes What about scalping strategies? Either action will open the "Options" window.


Many people have been led to financial ruin simply because an EA lacked a tiny bit of detail. How to spot Expert Advisor scams: Any big whipsaws will be flattened a bit in order to get a nicer equity curve.

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Here as ever, buyer beware and don't hesitate to trade the expert advisor on a practice account for a few months before letting real capital be managed by a robot. The total number of trades shown over the 12 year period is The problem with scalping strategies is that most of them do not work.

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While much of the functionality of the live platform features in the demo, there are key differences to be aware of, including but not limited to: You can find guides on the MQL site. The equity curve may fool beginner traders or professional traders who have just embarked on a journey to ultimate trading using expert advisors, but for an expert this backtest has not been done well.

At that, it is important to remember about such a criterion like return on investment ROI. But while a well-coded, fully backtested and properly monitored Expert Advisor can be hugely beneficial to your trading, there are some major pitfalls to avoid that all traders should be aware of.

Symbol — specify a symbol the EA is to work on in the Value field.

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Trades made through the demo account will not be subject to slippage, interest and dividend adjustments, or out of hours price movements Trades may be rejected if you have insufficient funds to open them, but, unlike on a live account, will never be rejected on the grounds of size or price You will not be charged for chart packages on a demo account Trades will not be closed if you have insufficient funds to cover margin and running losses, which can happen on a live account This is by no means an exhaustive list, and therefore before opening a live account we recommend you read the information medicine forexo on our website as well as the Buy expert advisor forex Agreement to ensure that you are aware of the features of a live account.

It makes sense to take notice of discussions of EAs on online forums and reputable website.

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So, assuming he was not around when this was happening, he will automatically know that the account shut itself down because it had reached the minimum balance or maximum drawdown. Equity Sentry EA also allows you to filter trades according to various specifications such as by currency pair or magic numbers.

Or dive into a reckless trade too quickly, riding high off a big win. Alas, it's not this easy.

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Here you can also change the path to a destination file. Try our MT4 demo account to practise in a risk-free environment.

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To do this, click Compile or F7. Double-click on the parameter, to make it fixed unavailable for modification when the Expert Advisor is running. EAs that hold strategies for a long time or those that close trade in seconds scalping strategies often produce great equity curves, but have no real applicability in real trading.