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What are the best pairs to trade, best TimeFrame and the best set files?

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If you want to understand eas and robots, please see the precision robots at work n the Mercedes factory. Don't take life too seriously and watch the EA do the hard work This is not a holy grail Any thread detractors that fail to keep this space constructive and relaxed will be dealt with in "Hopwood" ea robot forex factory A lucky number in chinese See here for my testing reference accounts v link below is actually running v1.

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Adjust the risk on the next trade following a loss Increase Risk Size on Loss? I gave up on expert advisorsforex brokers leverage 1 1000 seeing the equity curve for toit was similar to toso I gave up on using expert advisors in Use Martingale on Wins?

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  • Also keep in mind that a 25 period on the 1 hour chart is the same as a period on the 15 minute chart since there are 4 bars every hour.
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I like it and use it all the time. LIVE version is go.

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Joined Oct Status: We do not want to debate on whether backtesting is useful or useless, you can decide. It uses the close[] value of the last Bar and does the work adaptively. Also maintain proper Account Balance. Yes, it is true that many skilled traders do it this way.

Best Authentic fx trading EA @ Forex Factory

I have had the best results using very few indicators. I am using TickDataSuite with Dukascopy data with actual spreads and random slippage asian forex trading hours See their backtest in realtime and export those strategies into 1 portfolio robot which can trade up to strategies.

Using the DSP terminologyour operation is a forward estimation process. Daily banking transactions by the bankscentral banks and businesses create a lot of noise moves for the trendswith fake moves and breakdown of real trends This creates noisy forex trends, these trends break down regularly.

You can export it healthcare business work from home a ready made MT4 or MT5 robot template. Put an advisor on a bullish trend in the tester and see its work. Why would I sell a good Work from home jobs downers grove il I will never be a manual trader.

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If you feel you wish to donate something, xux99 I'm sure will nominate his charity of choice. I will not share with 3rd parties. In case a level is broken, an order is opened.

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Forex brokers leverage 1 1000 real life I am a bartender, so "On the Rocks" just made sense. Very good community the likes of rodolfolm, Stefdek, mavilakandy, kashifnawaz, voldermar and many others, who have contributed selflessly to support others in their making a fortune in forex journey. And am doing the same inspired by those good people.

There is only ea robot forex factory parameter: I find myself constantly checking trades that ea robot forex factory opened by my systems. When the total profit of all orders of this currency pair is reached, the adviser closes positions on this pair and waits.

My profitable EA forex robot AlphaOneFX @ Forex Factory

All of them perform well. Make sure to add the URL to the terminal settings. Asian forex trading hours testing is like shooting an arrow ,then drawing a circle around it afterwards, it can't be done in ea robot forex factory time, so all back tested reliant eas are worthless. Although, in the long run, they may have turned out to be profitable, I have stopped a few systems early because I couldn't tolerate the losses.

Next figure shows the test result of a faster trend tracking using the tick data. Thankx Ignored with out stop loss if reach some more order that time i run second EA The adviser is called to withdraw all loss-making positions in the total plus and close them all.

Good profit No loss EA @ Forex Factory

Part of which was a coding error. If you have improvements you can suggest. After they are triggered, the next stop order is displayed on the trend, etc. You should stop using v0.

One setting will not work for all currency pairs. Please be kind to give your suggestion.

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Use it according to your own risk appetite. The max win has thus far been Compared to ea robot forex factory backtesting the system is performing exactly as it should so I am not concerned. I have made grid eas for forex that are profitable in the long term. Joined Feb Status: Not sure why one would want to do that. First Post: I started trading in late and joined FF in early How can I get more support or contribute to this project?

Sell is complete reverse of Buy.

I am addicted to checking my open trades. The EA should be attached to each currency chart. The max loss I have encountered is 4. I don't use them for actual tradingbut I use them only for learning, I use professionally coded safe EAS on live account.

Stops and targets are hidden from the broker and managed by various user defined options. This software is licensed for 1 month period.

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I have tested on from to these set files are for these time frames as stated below. Backtesting is pointless and useless, and I suspect the results you shared are fake. Forward testing. Hope you all get there for free. I consider the 1 hour and up a higher timeframe. And sure, we understand you should not trust everything you read online, so the advice is for you to download the EA and put it on a DEMO account to forward test forex university degree.

This allows me to trade any size no matter how small. If you are able to use the EA, use it. Feb 11, 5: I currently code and test all of my systems on MT4 although I send all of my trades, through files, to a Python script that places them on Oanda 's FXTrade platform. To be used with the CloseAll function. Number of doubling - how many times orders will be doubled Interval modify orders of, s.

However since then Davit's methodology has evolved, so has rPT-EA in our forex brokers leverage 1 1000 direction, even though the two methodologies have their roots centering on Weekly Fibonacci Pivots, however the entries and exit strategies are now different. You have to be responsible for your own money.

I will give my forward test results time to time, maybe once per week. Great update; big thanks to xux99! Can I backtest the EA? Below are back tests ea robot forex factory tothe equity curve returned to toso back tests and over optimized back tests are useless.

Do not use it on small account balances.

Ondarox EA - A Simple Breakout Robot @ Forex Factory

So may be better. The news are downloaded from the Forex Factory, Investing. Joined Jul Status: If set to true the next trade following a win will have its risk increased by a given amount. My forex eas are designed with fundamentals as follows: I'd like to start some backtest and optimization with your base setting. Exit trades on a percentage of the range of given number of past maximum trade ranges.

I have option volatility & pricing advanced trading strategies times closed out automated trades early, and although at the time it seemed like the right thing to do, a majority of the time if Paxforex withdraw would have just left it alone it would have turned out for the better.

If AI Artificial Intelligence is introduced into the process, the parameters in the modeling matrix should be modified based on the environment. Out online work at home jobs uk all ea robot forex factory the EAs that I have coded I have learned that most do really well until they don't, meaning they were great for the market conditions at the time but once those conditions changed they blew up.

These are the only types of EAS that produce returns. Green for up trend. I am in no way a pro trader, nor can I claim that I am a profitable trader, but nowadays I do not blow up accounts and I learn more about my psychology and trading all of the time.

Red for Down trend. But I would say that the big wave gives big chance. See above for web links. We have other pressing priorities and do not have plans to achieve FIFO compliance in the near term. Read this carefully: Be aware that the backtest cannot give the true picture of the software. A trader needs many robots.

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If your capital is good enough, the robot can help you to regain the normal winning process. You can enjoy the life almost of the time with your beloved on the sand beach! It is one of the stable EA around. It includes years' work. Healthcare business work from home the lowest low or highest ea robot forex factory of the three previous bars as a trailing stop.

If the previous trade was a short the next trade will be a long. Automated trading systems, so I am not going to elaborate further. Attached Image click to enlarge We can work from home jobs downers grove il that the robot works quite smoothly during the normal time, but with big drawdown the down spikes on the big red news. So far, the results ea robot forex factory not been askew from my backtesting.

The risk will be decreased when set to false.